MET film lectures

As of April 2013, I have started acting as a guest lecturer at MET Film School at Ealing Green, London.


I’m involved with the 6-month practical film-making courses and mostly teaching post-production – colour-grading, chroma and After Effects.

‘Party for Freedom’ (for video artist Oreet Ashery)

Oreet Ashery is a London-based video artist who has been an active member of the art community since the 80’s.

She approached me about her project Party for Freedom – a travelling video installation that is accompanied by a live performance and carries strong social, political and abstract messages (some nudity in video below).

It is amongst some of the most unusual work I’ve done and was a valuable learning experience, as I was following the specifications of an artist with her own visual demands (rather than doing what I felt was ‘right’).

Bound By Blue (directed by David Hawkins)

Colour-grading work on my first feature film, Bound by Blue (2013), directed by Australian director David Hawkins.

A graded trailer is not yet available, but you are welcome to watch the 2012 pre-post version:

This film is notable for the amount of locations (30) that were acquired on such a modest budget. This meant a great deal of creative colour work, most of which was left entirely in my hands. I had a great time on this project, and David Hawkins has already invited me back to work on his next feature film, Enemy of England!

Night of the Procession (directed by Isabelle Rodriguez)

Night of the Procession is a short film by my fellow SAE alumni Isabelle Rodriguez. She approached me with a couple of challenges…

The first was to create a prop children’s book about a child dealing with the death of her beloved pet rabbit. This turned out to be really fun, and it was a unique experience to see my pictures turned into a hardback book:





The second request was to create an interesting transition between two worlds as the character slips away from reality. We ended up with a Gondry-like effect, in which the items inside the kitchen ‘blinked out’ and the room faded into the new location (2:10 mark in the clip below):

Limbo Town F.C. (IFT Campaign)

This was a series of spoof videos produced by Mouktar Mohammed about a zombie football team, Limbo Town F.C. commissioned by the Institute For Turnaround.

My role was to chroma the newscasters and insert formal, animated background. I was not involved in the graphic design.





An animated break-down of the above may be seen at 01:12 on the 2012 Goat’s Eye View showreel. Here is the final video: