‘Dolled Up’ Barbie by Sophia Webster

This was the first time I worked with scanned 8mm footage. I loved the feel of the short film, and had to find a way of working with the colours in a way that complemented the aesthetic, not covered it up.

Entomophobia – In Violet

Worked with hours of stock footage to assemble the edit for director Robin Rippman’s Entomophobia music video for London-based band In Violet. The 3D graphic elements were created by Alex Piglowski and rigged by Dan Lavi.

It won ‘Best European Independent Music Video’ at The European Independent Film Festival and ‘Best Music Video’ at the Mexico International Film Festival in 2015.

Global Game Jam 2013

My students and I spent a weekend at SAE Institute London covering the madness that is Global Game Jam. In this fantastic event, game developers are given just 48 hours to come up with, code, and release a working game! Much sleep was lost; many poor eating habits exhibited.

This is also an example of what happens when an editor is given carte blanche on the choice of music. I picked three tracks I thought did the event justice and had fun mixing them in this 5 minute clip.


Full Edit

Bound By Blue (directed by David Hawkins)

Colour-grading work on my first feature film, Bound by Blue (2013), directed by Australian director David Hawkins.

A graded trailer is not yet available, but you are welcome to watch the 2012 pre-post version:

This film is notable for the amount of locations (30) that were acquired on such a modest budget. This meant a great deal of creative colour work, most of which was left entirely in my hands. I had a great time on this project, and David Hawkins has already invited me back to work on his next feature film, Enemy of England!