Jack Green and the Band of Thieves – Montreal (music video)

This was my submission for the third module (music videos) at SAE Institute London.

Jack Green and the Band of Thieves approached SAE and I volunteered to take their single ‘Montreal’ on as my project. My involvement was…complete (video concept, storyboarding, directing, editing, chroma, composition, etc)…ly exhausting.

A compilation of some of the chroma and compositing shots in the video starts at 01:49 on this 2012 VFX showreel.

1994 – student project

The first project I worked on at SAE Institute London as a student. This was long before my interest in VFX and post production came about, so I was still exploring the art of writing and directing.

The 3-min narrative (no dialogue was permitted) shows two characters fully integrated into their different worlds and yet still sharing a strong bond:

I even held on to the storyboard I made and created a comparison list to show friends:

1994 Storyboard