Belle Amie – Girls Up (music video)

In one of the odder turns in my life, I landed a directing gig for X-Factor’s Belle Amie and their first single. I was approached by producer Mouktar Mohammed who asked me to come up with a concept and aid in the post-production.

I came up with a pop-centric idea that centred around a positive self-image message (and some pretty visuals).

Had lots of fun overall, and the cast and crew were lovely to work with.

Shoreditch Festival 2011 promo

I had the opportunity to work on the 2011 Shoreditch Fesival as a camera operator. The event was organised by the Shoreditch Trust, with collaboration from SAE Institute.

Luckily, I also got to be involved in the promotional stage, which allowed me and several colleagues/students to come up with a graphics-driven video for the event. I was responsible for the end title sequence, which had to be based on the poster from that year:


Breaking down the elements:


Final Result:


The final video is available here:

An animated break-down of my work can also be seen on the 2012 Title and Motion graphics showreel at 00:06 (first break-down).

SAE Institute London supervisor and lecturer

Immediately upon graduating SAE Institute London’s film department I was asked to join the supervisor team where I became responsible for equipment maintenance and bookings.

sae_instituteI have since been promoted to lecturer and am currently one of the senior supervisors. I specialise in post production: editing, colour-grading, VFX (After Effects) and motion graphics. It’s brilliant being able to do something you love for a living!

Creamfields 2010 (produced by SAE Institute London)

In contrast to Creamfields 2009, in which I ran around a muddy field with a JVC GY-HD201 on my shoulder, Creamfields 2010 was an on-site post production (assistant editing) gig for me. I also designed the opening titles based on their promotional posters for that year.


I studied the elements of the poster to create an animated insert (using the previous year’s footage):



Final result:


You can see this break-down at 00:35 on the 2012 Title and Motion Graphics Showreel. And below are the videos themselves!

Day 1

Day 1

I went into the event thinking the editing job would be a piece of cake compared to the production role I had the year prior. WRONG. The weekend ended up being one of the most stressful in my film career. I gained a lot of respect for editors who have to cover events for news reports.

And once again, this was a collaboration between SAE Institute London and the good people at Creamfields Festival.

Lyndsey Ollard – Liar (music video)

As a student, I was approached by the head of the film-making course to have a go at directing Lyndsey Ollard, whose album (‘One Night Stand’) was produced by Tom Misner. We were short on time and resources (and being students did not help), but I think we did a decent job and learnt a lot in the process. One of the biggest lessons was – always ask the client to give you a realistic deadline.

I was still getting used to compositing and colouring, so it was like learning how to swim in the deep end.

SAE Advert (student assignment)

Submission for third semester at SAE Institute London. We were given a limited number of products/services to choose from, and I decided to go for what I considered to be the most challenging one in an effort to stimulate my creativity and selling ability.

It was during this project that I fell in love with After Effects and realised I wanted to devote my professional career to post production and VFX.

Jack Green and the Band of Thieves – Montreal (music video)

This was my submission for the third module (music videos) at SAE Institute London.

Jack Green and the Band of Thieves approached SAE and I volunteered to take their single ‘Montreal’ on as my project. My involvement was…complete (video concept, storyboarding, directing, editing, chroma, composition, etc)…ly exhausting.

A compilation of some of the chroma and compositing shots in the video starts at 01:49 on this 2012 VFX showreel.