Daria O. Fissoun

Skype contact D. O. Fissoun Email daria@goatseyeview.co.uk UK mobile phone number 44-(0)-759-942-8585

In Progress
Date Client Title Capacity
2016 Personal Project DaVinci Resolve 12 and 12.5 Tutorials director; editor; motion graphic designer; colourist; title designer
2016 David Hawkins 'Enemy of England' feature film motion graphics; compositor

Past Experience
Date Client Title Capacity
08/2015 Sharna Osborne 'Dolled Up' Barbie short film colourist
08/2015 Ceeander 'Middleman' short film editor; colourist; compositor; painter; rotoscoper; VFX artist
06/2015 Anthony Alleyne 'Kerry' short film and pilot colourist; rotoscoper; VFX artist; compositor; painter
01/2015 Channel 33 'Anti Social' trailer motion graphics; titles
10/2014 Channel 33 'Anti Social' feature film VFX artist; compositor; painter; rotoscoper
06/2014 Konami Brand ident graphics for PES trailers motion graphics; concept art; titles
04/2014 House of Writers 'Working Man' short film editor; VFX artist; compositor
04/2014 Davide Gentile 'A Woman’s Day #throughglass' PSA motion graphic designer; title designer
03/2014 Alex Osman 'This Little Place in Gospel Oak' short film colourist; editor
03/2014 In Violet 'Entomophobia' music video chroma keyer; colourist; compositor; editor; VFX artist
09/2013 Rubber Duck Films 'The Eternal' short film colourist
09/2013 SAE Institute London 'Global Game Jam' 2013 videos director; editor; motion graphics ;titles
05/2013 Mr. 6 'White Boy from the Woods' music video colourist
04/2013 MET Film Ongoing guest lecturer colourist
04/2013 Paul Groom 'Note' short film colourist
04/2013 Oreet Ashery 'Party For Freedom' video installation motion graphics; compositor
03/2013 David Hawkins 'Bound By Blue' feature film colourist
03/2013 Atlantis Healthcare Series of medical videos editor; titles; motion graphics
02/2013 Shoreditch Trust Shoreditch Festival 2012 camera operator; director; motion graphics; titles
01/2013 Paul Groom 'Flavoured' short film colourist
11/2012 Isabelle Rodriguez 'Night of the Procession' short film artist; painter; rotoscoper; compositor
10/2012 IFT 'Limbo Town F.C.' promo material chroma keyer; motion graphics; compositor
10/2012 Microsoft Bing 'Bing is for Doing' campaign assistant editor
08/2012 Colombian Tourism Board 'Westfields Flash Mob' camera operator; editor; colourist
08/2012 Nike Chance’ campaign assistant editor
06/2012 Chic Outlet Shopping Villages Promotional videos editor
01/2012 Chevrolet Ride of Your Life’ campaign editor
10/2011 CIWF The Big Move’ campaign chroma keyer; compositor
08/2011 Channel 33 'Dave Shakespeare' pilot editor; motion graphics; painter; compositor
07/2011 Maximilian von Vier Sanctuary’ short film VFX artist; compositor
06/2011 Belle Amie 'Girls Up' music video concept; director; motion graphics; compositor
06/2011 Shoreditch Trust Shoreditch Festival 2011 promo camera operator; motion graphics; titles
05/2011 Maximilian von Vier Host’ short film painter; compositor
05/2011 SAE Institute London Ongoing supervisor and lecturer colourist; editor; motion graphics; titles; VFX artist
08/2010 Creamfields Creamfields 2010 promo videos editor; motion graphics; titles
08/2010 RBL Youth Band Brentwood 'Blaze Away' flash mob video director; camera operator; editor
05/2010 Lyndsey Ollard 'Liar' music video director; chroma; motion graphics; compositor
03/2010 student project 'Losing Unconsciousness' short film camera operator
03/2010 student project 'Denizen Reserves' short film director; concept; storyboard; compositor
01/2010 student project 'SAE Advert' concept artist; chroma keyer; compositor;
01/2010 Jack Green and the Band of Thieves 'Montreal' music video director; motion graphics; chroma keyer; compositor
12/2009 Roey Izhaki 'The Raid' documentary camera operator
09/2009 student project 'The Foulness' pilot runner;artist
08/2009 Creamfields Creamfields 2009 promo videos editor; camera operator
06/2009 student project '1994' short film storyboard; director; editor; colourist